Programs and Event Management

After School Debate Class at Guro-District Social Welfare Center


Lecturers from Debate Korea, along with university students majoring in Social Welfare, hosted an after-school debate program in the Guro-district community social welfare center. Debate Korea contributed to alleviating the education disparity through the classes. The classes focused on basic steps and structures of debate, as well as frequently discussed topics.

Topics discussed in class includes the definition of a nation, democratic society, globalization, and many others which helped expand the students' world perspectives.

Through the classes, Debate Korea provided students with the opportunity to experience debate in their daily lives by lowering the entry barrier to debate itself.

National Pension Service Debate Academy


Senior citizens and youth of Korea had the opportunity to debate on social issues such as the sustainability of National Pension in Korea, youth employment, low-birth rate and aging society, gentrification, residency, and much more. Through the formation and support of Social issues debate society, Debate Korea encouraged citizen participation in the process of policy making, and provided the opportunity to reform public services reflecting actual demands.

About 20 senior citizens, 30 university students, and 10 employees from the National Pension Service participated in the program. Professionals gave lectures every week, followed by debates.

Debate Korea Institution/Fellowship

DKI 단체 사진.png

The DK Institution and DK Fellows program encourage university students to broaden their perspectives and practice logical speech, leading them to join the English debate societies dispersed in 20 local universities. From the basics of debate to the discussion of popular debate topics, lectures are designed to enhance members' collective comprehension on debate. After the lectures, members practice building logical arguments through Case Study sessions.

DKI is a member of Korea Intervarsity Debate Association (KIDA), which comprises of active debate societies from Ehwa, Han Yang, Kyung Hee, Korea, SKKU, Seoul, Yonsei, HUFS, Sogang, KMA, Jungang, and Solbridge.

MBN Y Forum Event Management


Sang-jin Oh, chairman of Debate Korea, hosted the forum's highlight "Hero Show" session and opened the forum with celebrities from all walks of life to discuss the secrets of success and the concerns of young generation. Along with 12 people who were selected as "our heroes" in the global, public, economic, cultural, artistic, and sports fields, leaders from each field participated as speakers and spent meaningful time with young people.


The members of Debate Korea were invited to the forum as a youth organization along with support for the management of Y Forum, and provided reviews and feedback.

Inter-Korean Summit Press Center Event Management


Debate Korea joined the 2018 Inter-Korean summit as a member of the MPC management team. The new MPC, designed to accommodate thousands of reporters and broadcasting officials has been set up in KINTEX, which is scheduled to be used as a main venue for Korea WUDC 2021. 2,850 journalists from 41 countries and 460 news agencies gathered at the MPC to report on the Inter-Korean summit, and all media briefings simultaneous interpretation of nine languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic.


Debate Korea participated in managing the press corps, reporting events, and media support by providing operational support at the KINTEX Press Center in Ilsan to open the inter-Korean communication stage.