This is Sangjin Oh, Chairman of Discover Korea

I hope to raise the status of Republic of Korea on the international stage and

expand opportunities for international exchanges of future diplomatic talents


True change comes when you can look at creative ideas logically. Debate Korea is trying to create an open community where critical and advanced leaders gather to talk and compete with each other.

In particular, we are trying to share ideas, create a platform where it can be logically analyzed, foster debating population, manage a league where they can compete, and create a place where they can constantly interact and communicate.

Through a lot of efforts, we succeeded in becoming the hosting institution for the '41st 2021 Korea World Universities Debating Championship'. It is the first competition to be held in Northeast Asia, and we are preparing hard to introduce parliamentary debate to people in Korea. I believe that the voices of participants at Korea WUDC 2021 will show the world the potential for the growth of Korean debate culture.

Please support Debate Korea so that it can continue to contribute to society.

Thank you.

Discover Korea Chairman
Sangjin Oh
This is Seokho Daniel Yoon, Secretary General of Debate Korea
I hope to create an open community through discussions.

Over the past 10 years, I've traveled and experienced the culture of debate across more than 15 countries and felt a need to implement this culture in Korea. The reason for this was that debate introduces a culture and essence of communication, of encouraging the need for questions, and to never take things as face value.

I founded Debate Korea in 2016 while I was the head coach of Cornell University's debate team in the U.S. I founded this organization in the hopes that Korea also implements an education system that fosters the growth of communication and critical thinking.

Our organization hopes to nurture and cultivate a new era of debate culture in Korea that further creates an environment that is willing to move forward and enhance our world values. We hope to openly engage and discuss the world around us, so that we may create a better future.

Debate Korea is set on enriching a community of talented young people that hopes to build our society through open discussion and communication, especially here in Korea. Our ultimate goal is to create an education system that better reflects our society in all of its forms so that we may better understand and help enhance it.

I will do my best in leading this new era of debate culture here in Korea.

Discover Korea Chairman
Sangjin Oh

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現 비영리사단법인 디스커버코리아 사무총장 (외교부 산하)

現 소셜벤처 스타트업 DK이노베이션 대표 (중기부 예비창업패키지 선정)

現 비영리단체 디베이트코리아 사무총장

現 코넬대학교 디베이트팀 코치

現 제 41회 한국 세계대학생토론대회 2021 운영위원장

現 연세대학교 외국어학당 영어 디베이트 수업 강사

現 세인트폴서울 국제학교 디베이트 교사

現 디베이트코리아 오픈 국제영어토론대회 심판위원장

現 코넬-연세 중고교 영어토론대회 심판위원장

前 제 39회, 제 40회 세계대학생토론대회 초청 심사위원

前 베트남 국립방송 VTV7 The Debaters 오디션 프로그램 심사위원

前 삼성의료원 인공와우센터 언어치료 토론 강사

前 연세대학교 언더우드 유니온 디베이트팀 코치

前 육군사관학교 전국 대학생 영어토론대회 2019 운영위원장

前 연세대학교 전국 대학생 영어토론대회 2016 운영위원장

前 베트남 전국 영어토론대회 2020 심판위원장

前 아시아 대학생 토론대회 2019 심판부위원장

前 남북정상회담 판문점 프레스센터 운영지원 파견

前 코넬대학교 한국 동문회 2020 신년회 진행

前 잉쿱협동조합 영어강사 양성 아카데미 지도 강사

Graduated from Cornell University (Double Major in Political Science and Asian Studies, Dual Major in International Relations and Law)