About WUDC

This Tournament is the world’s largest debating competition, and one of the largest annual international student events in the world. The inaugural Championship was hosted by the Glasgow University Union in January 1981, with 43 teams from 7 nations competing. Since then it has dramatically grown to an event that hosts over 400 teams(each comprised of two students), representing more than 380 universities from 80 different nations. 

Students from the World’s best universities regularly compete. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Stanford, Monash, Sydney and dozens of other world class institutions send their best students. As a result, being crowned ‘World Champion’ is one of the most prestigious titles a student can attain. 

This is a unique opportunity for Korean students to interact with the international debating community, to engage in debates of issues of global importance, and to develop their communication and critical thinking skills.

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2021.07.07 WUDC Opening Ceremony

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Korea WUDC 2021
Opening Ceremony
'Debate Day'

  • Date : 2021. 07. 07 (Wed) 13:00 ~ 17:30

  • Place : Ilsan Kintex

  • Host : Debate Korea

  • Sponsors : KTO, GTO, Goyang CVB

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Pre-Korea WUDC
Opening Ceremony

Introduction  to Training Program

Welcome to the official WUDC 2021 judge training program!

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Module 1:

Tracking a debate

In this module, we discuss the most fundamental skill of being a good judge:

tracking or note-taking.

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Central Content Hub

This page is a central hub for all the content in the programme.

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Module 2:

Top Half


In this module, we discuss how to compare directly between teams, using a top half clash to illustrate these principles.

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Module 3:


In this module, we go through the most common types of debate motions.

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​Korea WUDC 2021
Training Programs

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