Korean Language International Debate Championship

The first Korean Language International Debate Championships (KOLIC) is a venue of communication where Korean-speaking university students from all over the world can gather to discuss current affairs and exchange culture through the Korean language. Leading global leaders from all over the world will gather to form an open community that communicates and competes with each other, laying the foundation for a continuous network of cultural and academic exchanges between Korean and overseas university students using Korean as a medium.

In addition, it is expected to raise interest in Korea and the Korean language to foreign university students who speak Korean, including ASEAN, and lay the foundation for the expansion of the Korean language.

Based on the parliamentary debate format, the KOLIC will provide a breakthrough opportunity for domestic and foreign university students to develop critical thinking and logical communication skills by discussing important issues internationally, and will provide a forum for harmony in Korean amid the rapidly changing global situation such as conflict, division and uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

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태국월즈 코리아나잇.JPG
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