Debate Korea Open (Former Seoul Open)

Debate Korea Open (Past Seoul Open) is an international BP debate tournament hosted by Debate Korea and is the largest debate tournament in Korea. Seoul Open 2018, which also served as a dry run for Korea WUDC 2021 with the same debate venue and tournament hotel, was held at KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center), the largest convention center in South Korea, and MVL Hotel Goyang, a 5-star hotel only 10-minutes walking distance from the venue.
Past sponsors of Debate Korea Open have included AirAsia, Metropolitan Government of Seoul, Ministry of Education, National Assembly Committee on Foreign Affairs and Unification, National Pension Service, PLAN International, Redbull, and more. Seoul Open 2018’s CAP featured Korea WUDC 2021 Chief Adjudicator Dan Lahav and Convenor Seokho Daniel Yoon as Co-CAs, as well as Cape Town 2019 DCA Steph White, WUDC ESL Finalist Kyungmi Lee, and ABP Champion Sajid Khandaker as DCAs. 100 teams from more than 20 different countries have joined to compete on this global stage with their shared passion for logic, pathos, and debate. Champions of Debate Korea Open have won a free trip to the Maldives and Kuala Lumpur featured by AirAsia. We are happy to invite all of you to Seoul for Korea WUDC 2021, but make sure to stop by beforehand and check out our future Debate Korea Open for a great sneak preview!





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