Korea Intervasity Debate Association (KIDA)


The Korean debate scene provides a dynamic and encompassing circle for debaters, encouraging debaters of diverse age groups and regions to join and challenge their conventional beliefs through pushing themselves to their intellectual limits. Middle and high school students are encouraged to step into debate through tournaments such as Cornell-Yonsei and Korea Youth Debate Championship. University students not only participate in collegiate level tournaments but also assist in adjudicating and organising tournaments for younger students. More experienced debaters pave the way for future aspiring debaters through giving back to the community via non-profit organisations that educate students on speech and logic, providing lectures and insight on diverse issues to juniors through alumni nights and homecomings, and participating in open tournaments. We aim to strengthen this virtuous cycle and make debate not a onetime experience, but a process of striving for intellectual greatness and eloquence.


The South Korean debate circuit has been improving year by year. Ever since the establishment of Korea Intervarsity Debate Association (KIDA) back in 2006, we have had biannual national championships along with countless institutional and open tournaments such as Seoul Open, KIDA Open, Korea Debate Open, CUDS Open, and more. Furthermore, South Korea is having a number of open tournaments that each society hosts during vacation period. All of such efforts have contributed into creating a vibrant domestic debate league. On top of this, the number of new debaters is constantly increasing, which is represented by enlarging size of novice tournament and rookie league in the Nationals. The Korean debate circuit aims to create an accommodating environment for debaters of all levels through creating specific leagues(EFL, Rookie, Novice) and to increase integration with the international debating circuit through encouraging participation and organization of international tournaments.