Characteristics of Debate Activities

Nurturing Thoughts

Through debate, we expand and apply our ideas, deriving new meanings. We broaden others' values and perspectives through debate and communication.


Speaking in itself is immensely significant. Speaking is a more effective way to persuade others, more so than writing.


Just as speakers are always aware of the audience, the audience also has to faithfully play the role of listeners. It is the audience's job to critically analyze the structure, content, and source of the speech.


Unlike in a discussion, a debate consists of building a rebuttal against the opposite team's arguments. One may easily get defensive or even aggressive at a rebuttal against his or her arguments, but the rebuttals you receive during a debate helps analyze the topics and form a solid argument.

Constructively Rebutting

We can strengthen our arguments and lead a meaningful debate through constructive rebuttals.


Through debate, we can learn how to form an arugment, strengthen the argument, and decide on the most effective way to counter the opposition's arguments. We learn to make quick and effective judgements, and this helps us make great life decisions.